About the Artist

About the Artist

First off, I would like to say hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website! It always means the world to any artist to see that something they have created to cause someone to stop and look, so just know how appreciated you are!

My name is Konrad, and at the time of writing this, I am a twenty-something year old artist, specializing in pen and ink illustrations, focusing on one of my biggest passions of nature and outdoor adventure.

Home is a small city nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes, commonly known as Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. The Sault (or Soo) is in the Robinson Treaty territory, traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg, specifically the Garden River, and Batchawana First Nations, as well as the Metis people. Bawating, meaning rapids in Ojibway, is the original name for this place, as the waters of mighty Lake Superior exit down to the lower bodies of waters of Lake Huron and furthermore, Lake Michigan. It is this place that has left a special imprint on me, as the beauty of this region is bar-none spectacular.

It is in the Soo where my career as an artist started to take place. Having moved here in the fall of 2017, subsequently, the years following were filled with exploring and discovering all that the surrounding areas had to offer.

Picture of Konrad looking out to Lake Superior from a tall cliff. The view is of Old women bay on a late fall, sunny day

With this new found love, my illustrations started to emulate the essence found here, however was not limited to just this specific region. As further sharing my artwork through social media, and establishing a market place on the world famous Etsy, people from all across Canada, the United States and even Australia and Europe have been discovering my handcrafted art.

This style of art has evolved tremendously over the last several years. As a self taught artist, each piece is an opportunity of growth, discovery and opportunity - opportunity that most importantly isn't held to any specific standard, rather just flowing from passion itself. 

What I love about my illustrations, is their unique, bold look that you can only find with aid of black archival ink. The high contrast between the white spaces is something that just uniquely draws to me. And of course the stippling, a technique that harbors patience, is often very satisfying when completed. I enjoy the process and have invested countless hours of my life to learning and growing with this artistic skill set.   

But I can not express how much gratitude I have to those who have purchased or order custom work from me, to either give as a gift to a loved one, or to decorate their space with something that connects to them in a special way. It is incredible what all of this has amounted to.

Since 2017, there have been many ups and downs throughout my short career. It may seem like a glamours and almost prestigious occupation from the outside, but like any other, it has its challenges, obstacles and roadblocks too. Being vulnerable to the open world is something that has not gotten easier, as is something many if not all artists struggle with. I am dedicated to however, continue through my personal adversities to bring more art to the world, and hopefully shine a light on others to do the same with something in their lives.


I am excited to see what the future has in store, and how my art will evolve next. I hope to continue to develop new connections with people through my work, and to continuously grow with my own personal connection with nature and our natural world.

Thanks for reading!




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